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PonderThis! is a movement of Spirit, Soul and mind. A pondering journey for those who dare to change or look deeper into themselves. 

PonderThis! is a Love-lifestyle brand movement conceived by urban zen speaker and author, RaiVision. In all things, #LoveWins. Our goal is to inspire acts of Love that will help to uplift the emotional state of mankind.

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RaiVision is called to write. He is alway excited to share and explain the deeper meanings that may not be clear to some. RaiVision says that he is a vessel of Love, with a goal to have individuals think about the choices that are presented to them in every moment. Liking individuals to really see themselves, really looking with-in and to feel who they are more than seeing who they are. 

"Love is a lost art. Love's true essence has be raped. To know love is to know it’s power. If we could faithfully act with intention that are vibrationally sound in Love, we will see change in how we receive our intention.” - Kori


The Parlor is an exclusive book club for PonderThis! readers. When you purchase a book you receive a free three month invitation to the book club. A $15.00 savings if you sign up for the yearly membership, thereafter. Those that want to attend The Parlor and remain a monthly member will pay $45.00 to remain a member for the rest of the year. 

The Parlor, hosted by RaiVision, is where the community of Love advocates gather to openly discuss the content in the books. Every month there are two exclusive events one that is themed with a topic and the other being an open Q&A discussion with the PonderThis! community members. At times we may have a guest or two to bring their knowledge to the community.

We look forward to your participation.



PonderThis! Apparel is open for business. Our D'EE'P Store Front is where you can find our PonderThis! apparel.  Shirts, hats, items for your pets, masks and more can be purchased to support the movement and the community.  


Wear the Love and give at the same time. PonderThis! is giving 10 % to 15% of your monthly profits to a charity organization. Organizations that are on the ground doing the work to better our society.


Below are the organizations that we will be giving too through out 2021.  RaiVision asks that you get to know the organizations and donate in Love, as well.

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