"I meet Shon via online dating app in February 2016.


While dating Shon it was pretty cool overall. Unfortunately, due to distance, we did not get to see one another face to face as much as we wanted but the time that we did spend together was precious.  I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations. His views on life, love, spirituality just to name a few were enlightening and engaging and so different from others that I've met that I feel that was the strongest part of our connection. I absolutely love his mind.


He is a dear and cherished friend. We may not talk every day, but I feel him.  We just have a connection. You know there are just some people that have that impact on your life. You know that they were supposed to be there and that they will remain in some capacity for the rest of your life. And that is what Shon is to me. He's that person that I can talk to about anything, anytime, anywhere and feel safe, supported, unjudged, and unequivocally, unconditionally loved."


"I am so grateful to have the exclusive access to Kori Raishon and that is something I do not take lightly. His insight has truly been inspirational on a personal level and has saved my business from folding on a professional level. It is my sincerest pleasure and an honor to support his endeavors. It has been a long journey and I am so glad he showed up for himself this time." 


"I meet Kori, working on a major conference and the Phil Andrews (Publicist) recommended me to reach out to Kori Raision to video record the event, and that is how we met! However, it was after the conference that we really connected. 

Kori, as a friend, is absolutely DIVINE. Three words that come to my spirit is Loyal, Spirit, and Truth. Over, the years Kori has become a spiritual bestie, what I mean by that... Kori isn't JUST a friend and Kori isn't JUST a business friend. Kori at times has been a spiritual mentor.

The question asked is, "if I felt a woman was looking and deserving, why would you recommend Kori to her?" Because she will experience a life of Bliss and constant expansion/LOVE.


First and foremost I am happy and excited for his new focus in life, I personally believe this has always been his direction and his heart passion! I truly feel all roads led Kori to the "Ponder This, Love-Lifestyle Movement." 


"Rai and I meet through online dating. It was several years ago so I am not sure if it was a website or personals but we did meet online. 

When dating Rai, he was very much the gentleman. Not only did he share much about himself, he also seemed very interested in knowing more about me. We found that many of our values and beliefs aligned with one another. We both were also professionals in the media industry. This definitely helped to increase our connection.


I would describe Rai as delightful to be around in general. Conversations with him were informative but also flowed very freely. I felt it was easy to express myself. He is also someone I was able to gain much insight from. He has a strong commitment and loyalty to family and friendship, which can be difficult to find these days. 


Rai is one of my best friends. It feels good to be able to say that about someone I was previously involved with. I have been able to go to Rai when I needed advice or direction and when I simply needed someone to be able to listen.We still have many of the same values in reference to family and community."


"I met Kori through a mutual friend 25 years ago.

Dating Kori was a spiritually life-changing for me.  I'd describe Kori as a quiet storm.  He's dynamic and constantly in motion, doing or thinking about doing something yet he's spiritual, deep, quiet, and comforting at the same time.  His fire sign blended beautifully with my air so we worked well together.  He was the most romantic, thoughtful, honest and trustworthy man I've ever dated.  I grew spiritually and emotionally in that relationship more than I have in any other since.  He's a great listener and a considerate partner.  He understood my Gemini moods and just allowed me to be me.  When he loves you he's instinctively in tune with your vibe and caters to you on that level.  He's the type of guy who would show up at your moms funeral after only knowing you for 6 months, and you're not even dating him. We both locked our hair during that relationship.  I still have mine as a waist length reminder of our friendship and love.


The relationship ended due to that beautiful dynamic nature I just described.  I'm a quiet laid back homebody type with the desire to interact with the outside world on occasion.  Kori is the type that needs constant stimulation and something to do.  So my quiet butterfly could only live in the spotlight with his lion for so long.  He's a bit of a workaholic/ social butterfly always on the move when I needed him to slow down and spent time home.  He had also gone through a lot of medical issues during our relationship, and being in the medical field I felt like I was never off duty, even when I was home.

I can honestly say Kori is one of my best friends!  He knows me so well, that when I have an issue I know he will see through the nonsense I want to see through my rose colored glasses and just tell me the truth.  His advice about men is always spot on and he's guided me through many relationship ups and downs in our years as friends.  He has a big heart and is always there when you need him.  He's my IT go-to person because I'm great with people and medicine but horrible with computers!  I've watched him evolve into this spiritually gifted individual I am in awe of.  Our 25-year friendship is a testament to the type of person he is.  When either of us starts dating someone new we make it clear that our friendship is not up for debate.  Loyalty is important to him and that's why this beautiful man is still in my life!"