Author, media host, poet, speaker, RaiVision, known to most as Kori Raishon, steps out of the shadows in 2021. This urban zen practitioner is an advocate of Love. At the age of 12 he wrote his first spiritually insightful play Christmas play. At 15 he dove into asking the deep questions and found himself counseling friends and holding many secrets. College is when he started journaling his thoughts. A few years after graduation it later turned in to a newsletter titled, PonderThis!. His writings as well as his conversations would lead to him pondering about many aspects of life and the world around him. His self studies lead him to see that Love is the true foundation of life. Even his own existence became a question from the age of four on. Asking the the Universal Source why Am I this way. Embracing the knowledge and power of Self-Being he saw a perspective in his life and the world around him. His journey as a Spiritually gifted individual, has given him a unique insight about life and Love. Still on this journey to gain insight he continues to finds himself aligned with ancient light workers, scholars and prophets. RaiVision is looking forward to sharing, discussing and growing with those who respect the process of life.