I enjoyed the discussion on Love during your Ponder This! Event. Great discussion with a powerful group of women. Loved the excerpts you shared and your insightful thoughts. Thank you for spreading the LOVE! - LV Horton

The Love-Lifestyle Brand Experience, "What Is Love?" segment of Ponder This One @ The Parlor was a really great experience!


Kori [RaiVision] did a wonderful job delivering his messages & sharing the information. We had a great turned out. It helps when people show love in support & actually show

up! We can accomplish so much together.


It was amazing! Cashel was phenomenal. She brought comfort, trusting & loving oneself, and trusting & loving one another to the circle. It was intimate &

relaxing, warm, open & really nice.


We shared feelings, information & discussed truly what Love meant to each one of us in every facet. When you talk about love, you can't help but bring it to the table no matter where you are. We were all in tune with one another. You could feel the love from miles away. Thank you to Kori & Cashel for an amazing & Loving segment! - MiMi Spence

It continued my conversations about love. - Dr. Latoya Brooks



I have asked three of my friends to help me create a Love experience through movement and sound.  I want to thank DJ B for providing the music, Cashel Campbell M.S. Registered Dance/Movement Psychotherapist, Creative Producer, Performance Artist/Instructor and SAG-AFTRA and MiMi Spence for her gift of vocals. I appreciate their talents for being in the space to create a beautiful experience.

Guest Speaker - RaiVision


RaiVision; Spiritual Being, Artist, Author, and an Advocate of Love will read from his book PonderThis! What is Love? and will engage the audience in a discussion about Love and its meaning in today's society. Through his unique understanding, there are challenges within our cultural values of loving.


Movement, Poetry, Serenades, Energetic Food, Deep Discussions, and Love.

The evening will open doors to a serious of pondering thoughts, discussions, and books, RaiVision will question how we Love. RaiVision will speak from the light of his Spirit as well as from the book, 'What Is Love?'. The audience will learn from his, internal silence and questions of 38 years, that breaking the boundaries of traditional teachings can move us beyond the gender-stereotypes of Loving and into a Spiritual receiving of Being In Love.

MiMi Spence


Cashel Campbell




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