PT! What is Love?, Chapter 5 - RaiVision
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Don't open this book if you're not ready to go deep and challenge your mental paradigm about love. Kori forces you to question everything you've learned and thought you knew. I had to set it aside because I wasn't ready to be that exposed. Be prepared to be vulnerable and honest. I'm sure the journey will be worth taking off the rose-colored glasses for. - Robin

"With "What is Love," Kori Raishon explores the true meaning of love; the concept, the act, and embracing of it.  Raishon has spent considering time pondering love, and because of it, he shows you love from all angles in this book."  - Gabriel

"Kori Raishon has taken conventional wisdom about love and turned it on top of it's head. In this book, he challenges what we think we know and forces us to truly self-reflect. If you really want to know what love is, open yourself to the divine knowledge Kori shares." -  Elle


“I was born to Love. I was born to receive love. I was born an old soul. In my truth, I feel that we were all born to Love to receive love and to give love. In a world that uses fear as a motive for movement, we have been programmed in such a way that eliminates the expansion of our existence. The world around us is proof of the destruction of Love. There seems to be an inability, to either recognized or implement a way of life that would bring more peace and joy into people's lives.”



This ebook is part one of a series that will continue to explore Love. It asks a series of questions, from cultural stereotypes to societal influences centered in Love. How have we been shaped to Love, to receive Love and to find Love? How has our journey in life influenced our ability to love? In his first book, Raivision offers, pondering thoughts that questions who we are, when it comes to Being Love.